Subject: Re: PMAG-D and Netbsd/ALPHA2 Questions
To: Christophe Latt <>,
From: Chris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/26/2000 23:44:39
on 9/26/00 9:57 PM, Christophe Latt at wrote something

> Hi,
> I have a Decstation5000/133 with a PMAG-BA and a PMAG-D(A?), after
> booting Kernel I seen that the 2 Cards are recognized (cfb0 & px8). In the
> Models FAQ there's written that the PMAG-D is a 8bit Card but the Kernel
> mean that's a 24planes/3D Card, where is the error Kernel or FAQ.
> The PMAG-D works fine as Console but is there a way to start X
> over it or is the X-Server on this Card under devellopment?

    I *think* old revision PMAG-E's that haven't been ROM upgraded/flashed
will report themselves as PMAG-D in the cnfg output line(mine does), but in
the ( )'s it will say EA 24,x,x,x, X Z-buffer etc. What does the back of the
card say, PMAG-E/F or PMAG-D?
    There is no PX/PXG Xserver available because there is no documentation
or code for running X on these cards. Andy Doran has something that "works"
but would be useless to actually use as an Xserver from what I gather. There
is also no true color Xserver to work from either.

> When I use 'su' to be root I became only the message 'sorry', I
> doesn't had this Problem with NetBSD1.4.1. What is the Problem, I don't
> have installed encryption sets?

    Is the user you are logging in as in the wheel group in /etc/groups? If
not you cannot su. What version are you running?