Subject: Sun JDK port to NetBSD/pmax started
To: None <>
From: Kees Jan Koster <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/24/2000 17:25:02
Dear All,

I have started a port of the Sun JDK to NetBSD/pmax. As some of you
may know, I am already participating in porting the Sun JDK to
FreeBSD/x86 and FreeBSD/alpha.

If you are interested to help out (or if you're just curious) please
have a look at my web site, on Click on
(tadaa!) "NetBSD/pmax" to find status and build instructions.

The build currently runs into "architecture not supported" errors from
the green threads library faily quickly, so I guess it will be a while
until I have something that actually compiles. :-/

I also have my first practical questions:

*) Has anyone else started a Java port for this particular platform?

*) I noticed that jmp_buf on FreeBSD is a structure, whereas
NetBSD/pmax's jmp_buf is an array of longs. Is that true for other
NetBSD's too, of does jmp_buf vary per NetBSD port?

*) Is there a NetBSD way to pry specific registers (e.g. stack
pointer) out of the jmp_buf structure? Is the layout of jmp_buf
documented, other than in setjmp.S?

  Kees Jan

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