Subject: Memory Fault Reported By Kernel
To: None <>
From: Nick Boyce <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/22/2000 02:43:21
I've just converted a DEC 5240 from Ultrix 4.4 to NetBSD 1.4.2, and in
the first 24 hours we've had one occurrence of the following report in
/var/log/messages :

 Sep 21 10:20:01 rccnx4 /netbsd: CPU memory read ECC error at
 Sep 21 10:20:01 rccnx4 /netbsd:    ECC 0xd39cdd0c

The machine seems to be functioning happily despite this, and I assume
that "ECC" means this was, um, a single-bit fail in error correcting
memory and was therefore recovered - guessing madly here.  I also
guess this sort of hardware-related behaviour is peculiar to the pmax
kernel so I shouldn't ask about this anywhere but on this list ... is
that about right ?

I never noticed Ultrix reporting things like this, but maybe NetBSD is
better with the hardware :-)

Can anyone tell me whether I'd be best advised to have our hardware
support people swap the RAM out in this machine ?

If so, do the above reported addresses help me figure out which memory
module is bad ?  (The machine has 32 Mb)


Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK
If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?