Subject: Re: some boot problems
To: None <>,
From: Chris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/15/2000 22:47:52
on 9/13/00 11:23 PM, at wrote something

> Hi,
> I choose OpenBSD-2.7/i386 as tftp/bootp server and nfs server, and want
> to netboot decstation 5000/240.
> ** TFTP BOOT problem **

    You are best off not making /tftpboot and bootptab complicated, It'll
make your life miserable later on. (i.e. now)

    I renamed my install kernel to netbsd.pmax and just placed it directly
in /tftpboot. 

    All you need in bootptab:


    Note: If you're only netbooting the install RAMdisk image you probably
don't even need rp specified.

    -r-xr-xr-x   1 root  operator  4422816 Sep  9 11:24 netbsd.pmax
> When I run `boot 3/tftp' from the prompt of DEC's console, it says:
> server err : 1 - 'File not found'

    This should fix itself if you de-complicate bootptab, or boot with boot
3/tftp/boot.pmax (replace with applicable file name)
<snip of NFS errors>

    If you are booting the install kernel , you don't need NFS period. The
kernel has an internal RAM disk that contains all the necessary install
files and sysinst. All you have to do is provide a means of getting at the
sets. (FTP/NFS/local FS/cdrom/etc.)

    KN03-AA V5.2b
    >> boot 3/tftp
    -tftp boot(3), bootp
    -tftp load 1131600+3194080......

    Hope that helps,