Subject: Re: Boot problem on 5000/125
To: Chris Tribo <>
From: Franco Tassone <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/14/2000 09:30:37
Chris Tribo wrote:

>         Installed manually with Tar/pax or did you use sysinst?

I used sysinst.

> > boot 3/rz0/netbsd -aN
> > my ds5000/125 answers me that is unable to load 3/rz0/boot.
>         This indicates a.) The first stage boot blocks were never installed
> (disklabel or installboot depending on version) and/or b.) the file
> "boot" or "boot.pmax" is not residing in the root level of your HD. Most
> likely a.)

I used the install.ecoff to tftp, unzipped it and followed the INSTALL file for
tftp + ftp install method.
Tryed once again the installation, same result.
One question: I mounted the disk on another netbsd nachine and saw the "boot"
file on the root directory in /dev/rz0a, so I would expect to boot using
something like 3/rz0a/netbsd, but it gives me error.
Perhaps my 1080 Mb IBM disk is not suitable for this machine ?
On my microvax 3100 no hd > 1G supported for boot, same limitation for
ds500/125 ?