Subject: Re: memory problems
To: None <>
From: Peter C. Wallace <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/24/2000 10:46:18
On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Brian Hechinger wrote:

> ok, happily goofing around with the machine, when poof...  same memory
> error as before.  this time i got an hour or so of use out of it before
> it crashed.  the PRESTOserve card seems to not be the cause of the problem
> but rather a symptom.
> test reports that memory board 10 is bad...
> ?TFL:  3/mem (2: board 10: too many SBEs: 1048576) [KN03-AA]
> is this typical of a bad card or a bad slot?  or will i have to experiment
> to find out?  i'll probably experiment anyway.
> -b

	If you are installing memory in previously unused slots, I've seen
this happen a lot. The pins in the MB slot have been plated with 8-9 years
worth of smog, crud and general corruption.

	What I do is dip the bottom edge of the memory module in 99%
isopropanol alcohol, and while wet, insert and remove it several times
This usually solves the problem. Oh and wait until the alcohol has
evaporated before powering up the system, dont want to explode...

Peter Wallace
Mesa Electronics