Subject: Re: My DECstation 5k/240 is dead?
To: Chris <>
From: Ulrich Teichert <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/29/2000 20:23:58

>IIRC, the NVRAM card should only flash for about 1 sec and then both lights
>should go steady until the PROM gets to the RAM test (the last thing it

They still only flash up for about a second.

>> This is a mystery for me, as the machiene has worked in exactly the
>> same setup (unused FDDI card, no frame buffer, unused TCE option
>> card, 288 MB RAM) before. It was standing in my room for a month
>> and shouldn't have rusted.
>    I'll take the TCE :)

No problem if you could exchange it for a good power supply ;-)

>> Does someone have a clue? Should I start to remove the TurboChannel
>> cards? Or should I start with the power supply?
>    Try reseating the power connectors on the MB first.

That was suggested to me from Peter C. Wallace (thanks again, BTW)
as well, so I tried it first. Then I pulled the 6 pin connector as well
and cleaned all connectors.
Just to try it out I powered it up with power connectors seated and the
6 pin unplugged. It behaves just like before, so I suspect the
problem is not with the power supply, but with the electronics attached
to it.

 Are both of the
>LED's on the CPU daughtercard on steadily?

They are off completely and all the time.

 If they are I believe that
>indicates that you have good 5V power. If they flash or flicker then you
>most likely have a power supply problem. If they stay steady, then it's
>likely to be limited to the 12V side of the PS. It does stink of a bad
>filter capacitor (the large 300V ones).

I was running out of contact spray yesterday and cleaning the contacts
hasn't made it any better. I'll buy some spray at Saturday, but if
all else fails, I'll examine the power supply more closely.

Thanks for your suggestions,
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