Subject: Re: (Mosaic start) was lost backspace in xterm
To: None <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/22/2000 16:34:49
NetBSD Bob wrote:

> On using Mosaic.... well it seems to be working.....
> How does one turn off the startup url so that it either points to a blank
> page or to my own page?  I was looking in the options and related icons
> for something like a settings or preferences window, but did not see one.
> There probably is a way to do that, if I can find it.... anyone remember
> offhand what it is?
> Thanks
> Bob

	Mosaic is generally pretty stable. Although I do remember it being the
cause of every single crash under Ultrix 4.3 on my HS's DECstation.
Something it didn't like about the ISDN software/hardware. It would
always crash with ISDN_DMA_ERROR. Ultrix 4.5 didn't have the ISDN
package, and I never tried Mosaic on it. 
	I think the only way to get around the start page is to implicitly
specify one. i.e. Mosaic  What we did on Ultrix
was make a sym link as mosaic -> Mosaic http://etc.etc. IIRC