Subject: Re: monitors on pmaxes?
To: None <>
From: Peter C. Wallace <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/22/2000 11:57:28
On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, NetBSD Bob wrote:

> > > I was looking for a browser for my 5000/200 box.  I see only mosaic.
> > > Is that all there is?  What else is around for these boxes?
> > 
> > 	Well, unless you want a real brainache and have macha disk space,
> > Mozilla is probably out. I've used Grail (what better name for a program
> > running on a scripting language called Python :-). It lacks JavaScript,
> > but does have some Java support IIRC. It's still in beta(?) but I think
> > it'll do you better than Mosaic in most places.
> Well, I have 6 1 gig drives on the box at home.  As long as I don't
> have to call up a script by the name of Monty..... I might try a
> runup of Mozilla the gorilla.  I ran it up on one of my machines back
> a few months.... and it took days to compile.
> > > System is NetBSD-1.4.2 pmax, on 17'' color monitor (pmag-b driven).
> > 
> > 	A PMAGB-B can be had on EBay for about $8-$20 if your monitor will
> > deal with the sync rates.
> Speaking of monitors.... there are a couple of the 19 inch DEC things
> that look like a VRT-19-HA but are a -DA version, if I am remembering
> the number correctly.  Is a 19 inch xxxx-DA monitor runnable on the
> pmag-b?  I did run across a pmag-c card, also, that is in my alpha,
> but I could swap it over to the 5000/200 if that 19 inch -DA monitor
> was worth using for anything.  Sorry, I can't remember the rest of the
> number on it.  I will have to check our surplus pit, tommorrow and see
> if I can get the rest of the number, or it the price is right, haul it
> home.

	The VRT19-DA is the low frequency version of the VRT19 (1024x1280
66Hz refresh) this matches the PMAG-C (but the PMAG-C has no X support at
the moment) The VRT19-HA will do both 66 and 72 Hz refresh.
	The PMAG-B only supports the older 1024x864 60 Hz refresh monitors
(VR290,VR297 etc), so will not work with the VRT19s
	Best bet is to get a PMAGB-B which will support the VRT19s and X.
It will even work with the older 60 Hz refresh monitors with the right
crystal (69.something MHz), but I'm not sure which resolutions NetBSD will
automagically support...

> One other tidbit... does NetBSD correctly support the TKZ10-AA tape
> transport?  It seems to be a 525mb Tandberg with a DEC prom.  I am
> expecting it should, but I though I would check to be sure.
> Thanks
> Bob

Peter Wallace