Subject: Re: monitors on pmaxes?
To: Chris Tribo <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/22/2000 17:24:40
> > I was looking for a browser for my 5000/200 box.  I see only mosaic.
> > Is that all there is?  What else is around for these boxes?
> 	Well, unless you want a real brainache and have macha disk space,
> Mozilla is probably out. I've used Grail (what better name for a program
> running on a scripting language called Python :-). It lacks JavaScript,
> but does have some Java support IIRC. It's still in beta(?) but I think
> it'll do you better than Mosaic in most places.

Well, I have 6 1 gig drives on the box at home.  As long as I don't
have to call up a script by the name of Monty..... I might try a
runup of Mozilla the gorilla.  I ran it up on one of my machines back
a few months.... and it took days to compile.

> > System is NetBSD-1.4.2 pmax, on 17'' color monitor (pmag-b driven).
> 	A PMAGB-B can be had on EBay for about $8-$20 if your monitor will
> deal with the sync rates.

Speaking of monitors.... there are a couple of the 19 inch DEC things
that look like a VRT-19-HA but are a -DA version, if I am remembering
the number correctly.  Is a 19 inch xxxx-DA monitor runnable on the
pmag-b?  I did run across a pmag-c card, also, that is in my alpha,
but I could swap it over to the 5000/200 if that 19 inch -DA monitor
was worth using for anything.  Sorry, I can't remember the rest of the
number on it.  I will have to check our surplus pit, tommorrow and see
if I can get the rest of the number, or it the price is right, haul it

One other tidbit... does NetBSD correctly support the TKZ10-AA tape
transport?  It seems to be a 525mb Tandberg with a DEC prom.  I am
expecting it should, but I though I would check to be sure.