Subject: VAXpower-Meeting 29.July
To: Port-VAX Mailinglist <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/20/2000 19:01:15
Hi !

Again, i want to announce our nice VAXpower meeting here. The meeting is in
Karlsruhe in South-West-Germany, on 29.-30. July 2000. If you have any
interests to visit us there, you can subscribe on
(Please also read the info about the meeting there).

There is enough fun for everyone: Lots of VAXen and other stuff from small
workstations up to near-mainframe equipment. There is a place to sleep (you
just need to bring somthing to wrap yourself in :-), food, music, and maybe
much more. Just some meters away from the place is the french border, where you
can also visit the nice little village Lauterbourg.

A detailed description of the way to us will be sent to you when you subscribe
on the web form, if you have any further questions, you can mail me directly.

(This goes just to the most important lists in NetBSD, the platforms we usually
 play with, i hope nothing feels this to be too much off-topic :-)

Of course we encourage you to forward this to your friends, if you think, they
will be interested.


--, Rottweil/Germany,
 Visit the german VAXpage: