Subject: DECstation 5000/200 memory size detection
To: None <>
From: Callum McKenzie <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/20/2000 19:26:10
I have a DECstation 5000/200 which I recently acquired and installed
netbsd 1.4.2 on. The machine is in fact the merging of two machines, one
of which had a dead motherboard, consequently I have a mixture of memory
modules, 2x20M modules and 3x32M modules. The PROM seems to detect these
appropriately, but on bootup netbsd detects the 20M modules as 32M ones,
even if they're the only modules in the system. This leads to an
overestimation of the amount of memory available and eventually, usually
once the system is in multi-user mode, the kernel panics. I am currently
running happily with 96M of RAM, but I would like to use the other 40M.

I should note that I'm very new to both NetBSD and pmax hardware and
haven't tried compiling a newer kernel or even looking at the source
myself, although I'm prepared to.

 - Callum