Subject: SCSI cables for DECstation 2100/3100
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/19/2000 14:55:54
Hi alltogether,

as I have posted recently in port-vax 
we have here a bunch of SCSI cables for the VAX 3100 series (with that
68pin miniature SUB-D female plug on one side and a centronics 50pin on
the other, part no on the bag is BC09J-03 A01)
The cables are located in Europe, Germany. I can give them away for free,
because the institute pays for s&h. If any one needs one or two, drop me
an email

(I found out this weekend while unpacking my DEC stations that the 3100
has the same connector, and Chris <> told me this
weekend, too. Some strange coincidence...)

Roland Härter
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kristallographie und Strukturchemie
Institut für anorganische Chemie der RWTH Aachen, Germany