Subject: Re: Overclocking the MIPS
To: None <>
From: Chris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/19/2000 00:17:08
on 6/18/00 11:52 PM, Toru Nishimura at wrote
something like:

>> Since 25 MHz really isn't a very impressive clock frequency nowadays, is it
>> possible to overclock the 3MAX or the MAXINE in a way comparable to that of
>> consumer PCs, and is there any gain?
> If speed-gain is expected by crystal swap or processor swap, I pose
> deep skeptics.  Building new CPU daughter cards for MAXINE/3MIN or
> 3MAX+ by reverse-engineering sounds more promising because it's
> designed to allow swap isolating processor module from others.
> Nara Institute of Science and Technology
> Tohru Nishimura

    I don't know about you're 3MAX, but mine run's incredibly hot.
Overclocking it might melt something, at least on my MB. That's if you could
even do it, looking at my MB, I only see one clock Crystal and the Dallas
RTC. Upping the clock crystal would probably overclock the entire
motherboard, CPU, TurboChannel, SCSI, and all. Basically, the results would
be entirely unpredictable. I can't look at my MAXine because it's running
right now, but I think it would actually work since only the CPU is running
at the clock speed, and the crystal might be right there on the
daughtercard. If you burn up your 3MAX motherboard, I've got a spare here
for the cost of shipping (KN02-AA v5.3t)