Subject: Re: Boot drive sizes on DS5000/200?
To: Chris <>
From: Gregory McGarry <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/16/2000 08:28:17
Chris wrote:
>     When I had a 1.4Y kernel running, it seemed to be running noticeably
> faster. From logging in by telnet to running shell scripts. I haven't worked
> on anything since though. The kernel would keep randomly crashing with
> Kernel used FPU errors. I haven't checked since and no one has reported it
> as having been fixed. 1.4X seems to be fairly stable, and you can backport
> the newly added Audio support for your MAXine if it interests you. Again, I
> don't know if the FPU problem has been fixed, but I'm guessing it has.

Michael Hitch fixed the FPU errors early last week.  Tohru also fixed
the outstanding interrupt problems.

Recent kernels around 1.4ZB and later appear to be stable.  With simon's
recent proc changes it is now even easier to run new kernels with an old

	-- Gregory McGarry <>