Subject: Re: Ahh.... more 5000/200 funzies.....getting better....
To: None <>
From: emanuel stiebler <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/15/2000 10:45:50
From: NetBSD Bob <>

> I moved the offending drive to the far end of the scsi chain, next to the
> terminator, in a line of 4 drives, and seated/unseated the connectors and
> cabling several times each to clear off any oxidation.
> It has been successfully rolling/unrolling large tarballs and is munching
> away on a kernel.  So far, so good....  It may have been the drive
> on the cabling, or just cable connector oxidation.

Do yourself a favour, and get some active terminators.
I sometimes had problems with new SCSI devices on old machines, and mostly
they're gone, if you use the proper termination.

One explanation i have: The newer devices have much steeper & faster
signals, and the cables you're using are not made for this.