Subject: Boot drive sizes on DS5000/200?
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/14/2000 16:09:46
I am not thinking there are any particular limits on the size of the first
drive (boot drive/rz0/sd0) on a DS5000/200 class machine, but I thought I
would check to be sure.  I have a choice of either a 1.3 gig or a 2.1 gig
drive for the boot drive.  Are there any potential problems with either
size that I should be aware of?  The machine is a 72mb ram machine with
serverl 1 and 2 gig drives handy.  My goal is to use it as a minor web
server to replace a 486/33 that died recently.

I am using a digital vt330 terminal as the console.  The termcap entry
is not working for that terminal.  vi mucks up the escape out of insert
mode by bumping the cursor several positions forward on a line.  Is
there a more optimum termcap entry such as vt100 (using the vt100 emulator
mode on the vt330) that is preferred?

What is the current state of usable snapshots?  I tried loading 1.4.2, and
it did not seem to get fully booted.  I tried a 1.4S off a DS5000/25 disk
I have been playing with, and that seemed to boot and run relatively well.
I am loading up 1.4P as we speak... keeping fingers crossed that the load
goes well, from Ultrix by dd'ing a diskimage.  Is there a preferred or
more recent or more stable snapshot that I should be using?  If so,
where can it be found (the arch pmax snapshots are way
out of date --- seems to have some later S/T/U/V snapshots).