Subject: Re: Support for RX26 floppy drive
To: Christian Biache <>
From: Chris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/09/2000 01:42:18
on 6/7/00 6:01 PM, Christian Biache at wrote something like:

>> only there was a way to boot from the dang thing heh.
> Yes it's a i82077... I'll have sthing working soon.
> BTW This is a very common controller (used on PCs / alpha / sparc / ...)
> and every port has a copy of approximately the same code, it would be
> nice to have a common part with only separate match/attach functions.

    Heh, I dug this out of the archives for you're (hopefully) amusement:

>And, there is a suitable prototype of i82077 FDC device, in
>arch/sparc/dev/fd.c.  The project might be started
>'cp arch/sparc/dev/fd.c arch/pmax/dev', but, that would be the *12th*
>iteration of duplicated FDC implementations.  You feel free to implement
>'really universal' FDC good all across NetBSD ports.
>Tohru Nishimura

> What is the policy for major attribution? (same as ULTRIX?
> i.e. blk = 48 and chr = 83)?

    I haven't a clue; Tohru, Jason, any idea?