Subject: Re: VRT19-HA... What framebuffer?
To: Robert D. Mohr <>
From: Richard van den Berg <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/29/2000 11:59:33
On Mon, 29 May 2000, Robert D. Mohr wrote:

> I have a VRT19-HA monitor...  Neither the PMAG-BA nor the PMAGB-BA seem to
> properly drive this monitor on my DECStation 5000/200.  What framebuffer is
> required to run this monitor?  Thanks for your help,

Simon is right, these are the facts:

Monitor spec: vrt19-da & d4 1280x1024 70kHz 66 Hz

       Classifying of PMAGB-B cards:

       HX graphics options:

       OPTIONS         RESOLUTION              JUMPER          CLOCK

       PMAGB-BA/BB     1280X1024   72Hz        off             130. mhz
                       1280X1024   66Hz        on              119. mhz

       PMAGB-BC/BD     1280X1024   72Hz        off             130. mhz
                       1024x864    60Hz        on              74.  mhz

       PMAGB-BE/BF     1280X1024   72Hz        off             130. mhz
                       1024x768    72Hz        on              130. mhz

       NOTE:  To determine the actual HX graphics option installed in a
       system, you must physically look at the clock chips on the option
       card. All modules will have a 54-21143-0x part number. The variant
       determines the type of option card. In all cases I have not
       found a variant on the boards.

So you need to jumper Osc 1 and make sure it is a 119. MHz crystal.