Subject: Re: fat HDs?
To: Mauricio Tavares <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/25/2000 10:17:52
Mauricio Tavares wrote:

> 	What is the largest HD a 5000/20 running netbsd 1.4.1 can handle?  Could I
> slap a 9GB to it?  Yeah, I can partition, but I would like to give /home as
> much space as possible. =)

As long as the root filesystem is less that either 1 or 2 Gig (I
can't recall off the top of my head), you'll be fine.  As for overall
filesystem size, the limit would probably be in terabytes.  This is
from a 5000/240 around here running 1.4.2ish:

	fhfss:~ 1> df /ftp
	Filesystem  1024-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
	/dev/raid0c    20222934 14520853  4690934    75%    /ftp