Subject: Re: Netboot a 5000/240
To: None <>
From: emanuel stiebler <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/23/2000 16:39:21
From: Gregory McGarry <>

> > If this is a newer kernel you are trying to netboot with, it
> > likely was compiled with the dhcp nfs bootp option which AFAIK is
> > incompatible with a standard bootp/NFS setup.
> Can you clarify what you mean by this?  This doesn't have anything
> to do with emanuel's booting problem since the kernel hasn't
> been loaded yet.


> The prom list on the website was produced before NetBSD 1.3 was released
> and was correct at that time.  Obviously kernels are much larger
> these days with functionality like ipv6 included.  I suggest that the
> current entries be confirmed and the list updated.  If there is a problem
> netbooting kernels, then sending a PR would be appropriate.
> Useful details are machine type, prom version, kernel size, binary format
> and prom output/errors displayed.

It's a 5000/240 KN03-AA V5.2b. Got none of the kernels booting.