Subject: Re: LSI Logic
To: Peter C. Wallace <>
From: Jon Buller" <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/19/2000 23:50:49
> > If (or a BIG IF) that should make sense, take a RM5231 for it. So you could
> > run nearly the same design (but still different boards) for the 5000/1xx &
> > 5000/2xx workstations.
> > 
> > realistic ? YES.
> > 
> > Who would like to have one ?
> > 
> > That's the problem. I asked the same question, probably 1-2 years ago, and
> > nobody was interested :-(
> 	If someone does the design, I will do the PCB layout and make a
> few cards (assuming I can do it in 6 layers) (I think the DEC card is 8 or
> more layers, but most layers look pretty empty)
> 	I still think using the old ASIC with a newer CPU is a
> possibility, with maybe the addition of some wait state logic to slow
> access to the ASIC. The MIPS bus to ASIC connections can be determined
> with an Ohmeter, same as the ASIC - Honda connector...

If the cost can be kept pretty low, I'd be real interested.  I don't think
I have the ability to solder a big surface mount part, but I do have fond
memories of starting with a blank PC532 motherboard about 10 years ago...

(I just got a 5000/200, and perhaps in the next week or so, I'll have
a little time to set it up and boot it.)

Jon Buller