Subject: Re: LSI Logic
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/11/2000 10:54:55
> LSI Logic created the ATMizer II+ device with an ATM Processing Unit 
> (APU) based on a CW4011 MiniRISC CPU core,
> ...
> The embedded MiniRISC CPU is compatible with R3000 and R4000
> 32-bit instruction sets. Special instructions have been added to
> the MiniRISC CPU to facilitate easy implementation of ATM rate algorithms. 

LSI Logics MiNi RISC/CW4xxx family looks not tagerted for builing
general purpose computers.  LSI Logic engineers changed original MIPS
attribute in many ways for very specific SOC, added fancy instructions
which not terribly attractive to C compilers. 

>  Grabbed this exerpt from LSI's web page. Who's ready to make an 80MHz
> R4x00 compatible upgrade card for DS with daughtercards :) I wonder if
> it's pin compatible with the SOT R3x00 CPU on my PDS 5000/25 hehe. Simon,
> Tohru, how would you guys like an 80MHz R4x00 core that can probably do
> twice the MIPS of what you're using now.

Rather sane and attractive solutions (a.ka. pipe dreams) for DECstation
CPU daughter cards would fit in;

    - IDT R3081           "the ultrimate R3000"
    - QED R4600/4700      "the virtue of R4000, forget R4000/R4400"
    - NEC Vr4300          "Hey, do you like Super Nintendo?"
    - RM 5200             "nicer than original R5000"

SGI made very fine product line of Indigo/Indy/Indigo2.  They kept the
original Indigo design long time swapping/upgrading processor modules
repeatedly.  It's shame Digital abandoned nicely competetive desktop
solutions of MAXINE and 3MAX+ in favour of earlier introduction (heaty)

Tohru Nishimura