Subject: Re: netbooting a 5000/240 with 5.1b PROM :(
To: Todd Whitesel <>
From: Ulrich Teichert <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/05/2000 16:16:08

>KN03-AA V5.1b   

> 3: KN03-AA  DEC      V5.1b    TCF0  ( 72 MB)
>                                     (enet: 08-00-2b-28-f2-24)
>                                     (SCSI = 7)
> 0: PMAGB-BA DEC      V1.1     TCF0  (HX -- d=8 )
>When I try to MOP boot it, the enet transceiver lights suggest that it is
>never receiving a reply, even though I am using the same mopd setup that
>flawlessly brings up my VAX 4000 VLC. It hangs and won't listen to BREAK.

I managed to bring it up with mopd (after some problems, though).
What ethernet type is it on? Do you use an tranceiver? SQE *must*
be switched on on an DECstation, else it will never attempt to get
an connection.

>When I try to TFTP boot it, it appears to crash without ever waking up the
>bootpd (also the same one successfully used by the vax):
>KN03-AA V5.1b    (PC: 0xbfc00c1c, SP: 0xa000f85c)
>>>boot 3/tftp                 
>? PC:  0x80021fe4<vtr=NRML>
>? CR:  0x30000410<CE=3,IP3,EXC=AdEL>
>? SR:  0x30080000<CU1,CU0,CM,IPL=8>
>? VA:  0xa000ef3a

I got the very same results. This boot PROM version isn't capable of tftp.

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