Subject: Re: Compiling kde on a DEC5000/240
To: NetBSD/pmax Discussion List <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/27/1999 10:57:33
On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Pierre BERGDOLT wrote:

=> I install netbsd 1.4 on a DEC 5000/240 a few weeks ago, and it work
=> quite fine with twm window manager. In order to have another
=> environnement, I get the package source 'pkgsrc' and try to compile kde
=> 1.1, but it fail in compiling kdelibs. Is there anyone here that manage
=> to get kde working on his pmax port of NetBSD.
=> Any help or suggestion is welcome.

I have KDE 1.1 running on my DECstation 3100 under NetBSD/pmax 1.4.  It
took a bit of "manual intervention," but eventually I got most of it to
compile.  (I think the IRC client in kdenetwork is the only one I bailed

As I recall, most of the errors were attributable to the compiler
running out of memory.  (I was surprised to see that the maximum amount
of VM allowed a process is only ~32 MB!)  The "fix" I adopted for this
was to compile individually those that broke that way, but without the
"-O2" optimisation.  (This is the "manual intervention" [with
cut-n-paste] of which I speak.:)

I also recall that the libtool part of the configure script gave
problems (at least in the kde{base,network,etc.}).  I think what I did
for this was to edit out the "--no-verify"(??) option to the libtool
configuration in the configure script (so that configure would actually
run to completion), and then let the configuration part of the make
complete.  Then, I'd edit in the appropriate pkgtool command in
config.status (stolen from kdelibs, I believe), and then re-run
config.status, and then run make again.  Inelegant, I know, but I *do*
have a running KDE... ;-)

For all I know, these problems (except for the compiler VM limitation)  
may have been eliminated in the KDE 1.1.1 package.  (I suspect so,
because I didn't have any *compilation* problems when trying to make the
KDE 1.1.1 package on my NetBSD/alpha.  [Having something that *runs* is
another story entirely! :-)])




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