Subject: Re: PMAG-JA unsupported ?
To: Jaap Hogenberg <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/21/1999 11:27:49
In message <06D5A3795A7FE0E0*/c=NL/admd=400net/prmd=abnamro/o=notes/s=Hogenberg/g=Jaap/@MHS>,
Jaap Hogenberg writes:
>I have a 5000/240 with a PMAG-JA card in it.
>On this card is listed as not supported,
>because of availability of hardware.
>Now I have some questions:
>-Is there a way to run the console on this card ?
>-Is there a way to run X ?

No, and no.

>-Is anyone currently working on this ?
>-Can I help by lending this hardware to someone ?

Nisimura-san may be working on PMAG-J support as part of his
pmax-wscons branch.  My own policy is to ask for a permanent
loan of a card, which stays in the hands of a pmax developer for doing
testing during the  release process.  Otherwise we cant really say
the card is `supported'.

>I would be happy to help testing things on this machine.
>(I think this one also has an Prestoserve NVRAM in it , but 
>it must be an on-board thing , as there is no card. Is this
>normally on-board ?)

On the 5000/2xx machines (200,240,260), Prestoserve NVRAM goes
into normal memory slots, not the IO bus.  Does
	>> cnfg 3 

list an nvram card?