Subject: New NetBSD user question
To: None <>
From: Dwayne Bailey <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/27/1999 10:44:51

(I hope this is the right forum for this)

I've recently installed NetBSD 1.3.3 on my DECstation 5000/200.  I originally
started with OpenBSD, but had no end of grief.  NetBSD, by comparison, was
simplicity itself.  Good work!

(Sucking up done - on to the questions <G>)

I wanted to install the fvwm window manager, which is available from the
packages download page for the pmax.  I downloaded all of the listed required
components, but ran into a few difficulties.  One was minor: one of the
prerequisite packages seems to have been replaced by a newer version, causing
the install of the window manager to complain.  The -f flag dealt with that
problem quite nicely.  However, the next problem is more serious.  The window
manager is dynamically linked, which is fine.  However, it cannot find the
shared object files at runtime.  I updated /etc/, but I couldn't do
anything with it, since I couldn't find ldconfig anywhere.  Well, I found it in
the source tree, but it wouldn't compile for me.

Is there a working ldconfig available anywhere for the pmax?  Or another
alternative?  I really didn't like twm, so I'm running fvwm95 from my linux box
to control the display on my DECstation.  Not exactly optimal  :-(

As long as I've got you 'on the line,' I have one other query.  I use XFMail
under Linux as my MUA.  It requires xforms 0.88 to build, which apparently
isn't available for the pmax.  (0.86 IS available, but it won't work for
XFMail).  So I'm running it on the Linux box, and pushing the display.  This
works quite well, with one exception.  Some of the keyboard shortcuts are
broken, in that pressing the key once leads to the action being performed
twice.  This doesn't happen when XFMail is run on the local display.  I realize
that this is most likely an XFmail/xforms bug, and I've send a query to the
XFMail author about it, but I also wanted to ask here, in case there was
something that I could do locally on the pmax.

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