Subject: Raidframe on pmax (and NFS locking)
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/25/1999 22:56:48
I just figured out how to get raidframe going on my pmax, and am wondering
if anybody else on the list is using it, and any thoughts they have.

It took me a couple days to figure out that I needed to actually have
a raid0c partition in the raid partition table.  :)  But now it seems
to be working fine, although I'm still wondering why you can only use
the one partition.

I'm really impressed...  I was trying to make a RAID 1+0 a few months
ago with ccd, and was told that mirroring under ccd (at least on pmax)
was broken with little chance of it ever getting fixed.  And lo and
behold, raidframe shows up, and I get the ability to do RAID 1+0, as
well as RAID5.  :)

Now I only question left before I start throwing things onto my pmax
RAID is whether or not NFS locking works...  according to the rpc.lockd
man page, in the BUGS section, it's noted that "No actual file or record
locking is done."  Is anybody working on fixing it?  Mail spools over
NFS with no locking is a recipie for disaster.

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