Subject: Firing up a 3100
To: None <>
From: Christopher Preston <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/04/1999 11:45:45

I've just layed my hands on a 3100. Upon inspection, it has a VFB01
(mono video) installed at present. The VR-462 monitor that it came with
appears dead - well, the light at the front doesn't come on when the
power is applied. It also has a 3 button mouse and a LK-201 keyboard. No

I was hoping to get it fired up in some manner. I use a serial console
on my 5000/260, and thought I should be able to do something similar.
I've searched around a bit, but am not sure what to do exactly. I've
plugged a serial cable into both ports (although a doc I read suggested
I should use the printer port for the serial console, and then the other
one once the kernel starts - not that I have got that far yet!), with
nothing visible.

Should I pull out the VFB01 to get started? Keyboard/mouse in our out?

Any suggestions warmly appreciated! I've printed out the Dec
specifications I found ( at a linux pmax page! ), but these don't appear
too belpful at this stage.