Subject: SysV Shared Memory
To: None <>
From: Boris Gjenero <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 12/31/1998 14:43:33
Is SysV shared memory supported in NetBSD/pmax?  It isn't in the GENERIC
kernel, and there is no mention of it in the GENERIC config file (not
even commented out)

NetBSD/vax has the SYSVMSG, SYSVSEM and SYSVSHM options in the GENERIC
config file.  I suppose I could add those to the pmax config file and
recompile the kernel, but the fact that they aren't in the pmax GENERIC
config file probably means something.

BTW.  I've seen on DejaNews that apparently the X server MIT-SHM
extension doesn't work properly in NetBSD/pmax... so I guess that even
if SysV IPC can work I still won't be able to take advantage of it for
Doom or MesaGL... oh well.  (Yeah, I still want to know the status of

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