Subject: Re: db_interface: hanging else clause in inst_call()?
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 10/27/1998 22:47:53
In message <> Simon Burge writes:
: Lemme begin by saying I've never looked at this sort of stuff before,
: but I'm working off the "MIPS R4000 Microprocessor User's Manual" 2nd
: edition by Joe Heinrich.  I dunno what "Kane" is...

Hmmm, I have three MIPS books on my shelf right now (well, not
counting data sheets and user's manual for specific cpus/boards).

Heinrich, Joe. MIPS R4000 Microprocessor User's Manual. Second Ed (NO ISBN)

Kane, Gerry and Heinrich, Joe.  MIPS RISC Architecutre.  ISBN

Farquhar, Erin and Bunce, Philip.  The MIPS Programmer's Handbook.
ISBN 1-55860-297-6.