Subject: RE: KDE on netbsd/pmax?
To: 'Tom Palmer' <>
From: Harald Bjoroy <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/25/1998 07:10:08
I tried to build KDE on netbsd/pmax but got stuck when trying to compile

This experience came on NetBSD/pmax 1.3.2

This is not QT's fault however, no app made with C++ works if it is
dynamically linked. There is a quick-and-dirty workaround for this
problem, but I haven't bother trying, since even small apps have
problems with this workaround. 

As I have understood, the code for deleting and creating global objects
is the problem, and it is tied to the run-time linker.

I have been considering trying to make the project statically linked,
but I haven't had the time to find out how to do this (or if it is even
possible without either skipping or patching the pkgsrc patches).

I am a bit disappointed of the whole thing, a customer and a friend of
mine just told me I could get a couple of color decstations (I don't
quite know which models), but if C++ isn't working, and noone does
anything to fix it, I think the whole system is somewhat unusable - I do
all my programming in C++ (and do not feel like using Ultrix).

Is NetBSD/pmax heading to where the NetBSD/vax is - no support for
dynamic linking? I believe this is not good, but better than having a
broken dynamic linker; at least the packages could be made to use static
linking on this architecture - and work.



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> Subject: KDE on netbsd/pmax?
> Hi all,
>   Just thought I would ask to see if anyone has successfully 
> compiled KDE on
> netbsd/pmax bearing in mind the recent c++ hack sent to the 
> list a week or so
> ago. As I remember one of the original posters was trying to 
> do this. Has
> anyone managed?
>   Cheers,
>   Tom
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