Subject: Re: dumb monitor question: What works with PMAG-C, PMAG-D, SFB?
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: emanuel stiebler <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/22/1998 04:57:04
Hi Jonathan,

> From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
> To:
> Subject: dumb monitor question: What works with PMAG-C, PMAG-D, SFB?
> Date: Friday, August 21, 1998 2:00 PM
> Hi all,
> I'm finally getting motivated to get monitor(s) to do something with
> the accelerated TC framebuffers.  I have an SFB, PMAG-C, and PMAG-E,
> and if possible I'd like to get one monitor that works with all of
> them.  Can I do that with a standard DEC monitor?  If so, what kind?

Here is a copy of an old mail (12 mai 1998)

very short list of old dec monitors...

vr262		1024x864	54kHz	60 Hz
vr297		1024x864	54kHz	60 Hz	
vr299		1024x864	54kHz	60 Hz

vr319-ca & c4	1280x1024	70kHz	66 Hz	
vr319-da & d4	1280x1024	77kHz	72 Hz	

vrt16-da & d4	1280x1024	70kHz	66 Hz
vrt19-da & d4	1280x1024	70kHz	66 Hz

very short of old TC-cards ...

pmag-ag	mx		1280x1024	72 Hz monochrome
pmag-bb	cx		1024x864	60 Hz
pmag-cb	px		1280x1024	66 Hz
pmag-db/eb	pxg		1280x1024	66 Hz
pmag-fb/hb	pxg/turbo	1280x1024	66 Hz

pmagb-ba/bb	hx		1280x1024 	72 Hz
pmagb-bc/cby	hx		1280x1024	(60 or 72 Hz)
pmagb-ba/cy	hx		1280x1024	(66 or 72 Hz)

pmag-ja/jb	tx		1280x1024	66 Hz
pmagb-ja/jb	tx		1280x1024 	72 Hz

pmagb-da/db	pxg+		1280x1024 	72 Hz
pmagb-ea/eb	pxg+		1280x1024 	72 Hz
pmagb-fa/fb	pxg turbo+	1280x1024	72 Hz

pmagb-ja/jb	tx		1280x1024	66 Hz
pmagb-dc/dd	pxg+		1280x1024	66 Hz
pmagb-ec/ed	pxg+		1280x1024	66 Hz

hope it helps a little, sorry for any errors.

the monitors list is also on:



P.S. I would start a Decstation Hardware FAQ, but i didn't get any answers,
as i asked 2 month ago. Is really no one is interested ?