Subject: Re: le0: lost carrier?
To: Jorgen Pehrson <>
From: Trevor Schroeder <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/21/1998 11:42:27
On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, Jorgen Pehrson wrote:

> behaviour on my hp300 I'm not so sure. And I might add that the two
> machines are not on the same physical network.

Well it almost certainly sounds like it's the lance driver...

I've seen really poor performance from a DECsystem 5000 on an ATI repeater,
but as it turned out, the individual who installed it had terminated the cable
propertly and then told the hub to terminate as well, so we were just
grounding most of the signal. ;)  Since it's also happening iwth the HP, I
doubt that's what's going on in this case.

> I've tested to put only two machines on a hub all by themselves. (the hp
> and a netbsd i386). Still the same. When I, for example, move a file with
> ftp between them I get the "le0: lost carrier" every half a second or so.

Hmmm...Sound like the lance driver jsut doesn't handle traffic all that well.
I would assume that the Lance drivers are pretty much similar since, as I
recall, the NetBSD maintainers really despise code duplication (with good
reason).  So they probably have a common source tree with just a few #ifdefs
or something.

> Am I the only one with these problems? Cause if I am, then I'm probably
> doing something wrong.. (Can't think of what, though..)

Well, my box doesn't really see that much traffic since it's just up to
provide secondary name services, so I couldn't tell you.
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