Subject: Re: le0: lost carrier?
To: Trevor Schroeder <>
From: Jorgen Pehrson <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/21/1998 13:30:19
On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Trevor Schroeder wrote:

> I only get that if I remove the patch cord from my 10baseT tranceiver.
> However, and I may be wrong (I can't check as my machine is aobut 110 miles
> away right now), you may get it if you simply have the AUI port unterminated.
> You DEC should have come with an AUI terminator.

The DECstation I have only has a BNC connector, no AUI. I wish it had
an AUI though since the rest of the network is normal TP. To be able to
hook up the pmax to the rest of the net I have a coax cable between the
DECstation and a DECrepeater on which I have a transceiver. The coax cable
is properly terminated with 50 ohms resistors at both ends. It could be
that the repeater is messing things up, but since I see the exact same
behaviour on my hp300 I'm not so sure. And I might add that the two
machines are not on the same physical network.

I've since upgraded the hp300 to netbsd 1.3.2 but it's still the same.

> might try, if you can, isolating these guys on the other side of a
> router or swtich.  It sounds like they're just getting hammered by traffic and
> can't keep up, but that's just a hypothesis.

I've tested to put only two machines on a hub all by themselves. (the hp
and a netbsd i386). Still the same. When I, for example, move a file with
ftp between them I get the "le0: lost carrier" every half a second or so.

Does the hp300 port and the pmax port share the same Lance ethernet

Am I the only one with these problems? Cause if I am, then I'm probably
doing something wrong.. (Can't think of what, though..)

Jorgen Pehrson                  HP 9000/380 (NetBSD/hp300 1.3)            DECstation 5000/200 (NetBSD/pmax 1.3) PDP11/83 (2.11BSD) VAX2000 (NetBSD/vax)