Subject: Re: Install probs
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Bill Anderson <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/17/1998 20:53:40
> Hmm, I looked a little closer at your earlier email:
> > Yes, I checked all the cabling, and according to the PROM "cnfg 0":
> > "rz0 RZ57" and "rz1 RZ57" are both there on SCSI bus 0...
> You used "cnfg 0" and not "cnfg 3" to get the SCSI disk list?  If this
> is true, your disks are on the first external SCSI controller, not the
> on-board SCSI controller.  I'm not sure of the top of my head whether
> the INSTALL kernel supported multiple SCSI buses.
> A little background: "board 3" is the motherboard, while "0", "1" and
> "2" are the TurboChannel slots.  If you do a "cnfg 3", you should also
> see info on what RAM your machine has, ethernet info, etc.

yes, the ethernet, etc. was on 3...

there are three SCSI ports on the back of the box... one near the
bottom left corner (facing the back of the box), and two in the middle
vertically... the two in the middle are labeled with a big "0"
and "1"... i plugged the drives into "0", figuring it was scsi bus 0...
maybe i should plug them into the unlabeled one?

back of box:
		   |  0     1      2     on |
currently here --->| ---   ---    ===    off|  (bad drawing :) )
should be here? -->| ---   === ==  ===      |
--- is SCSI (i guess, they all have the same connectors)
=== are other connectors, 012 are labels, and i left some stuff off