Subject: Install probs
To: None <>
From: Bill Anderson <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/17/1998 19:06:23
I've been trying to get NetBSD-1.3.2/pmax installed on a DECstation
I'm new to the DEC architecture... Anyway, after about 16 hours of working
on it (and going thru every faq, howto, and the list archives), this is
where I stand: 

the decstation ("narn") successfully boots ("boot 3/tftp") over the
network from a SPARCstation ("victoria") running SunOS 5.6 (aka Solaris
2.6) using the nfsnetbsd.ecoff kernel with miniroot installed on
victoria:/usr/export ... So, I get to my NetBSD sh prompt and all is
good...until I try to continue with the installation... I repeatedly get
"Device not configured" when ever I try to do anything with disk drives...
I tried "disklabel", "newfs" and "dd" with a bunch of different options 
for each of /dev/rrz[0-3][a,c], /dev/rz[0-3][a,c], and 
/dev/vnd[0-3][a,c]... all give me that annoying "Device not configured"...
I'm sure your next question will be "are the drives connected
properly?"... Yes, I checked all the cabling, and according to the PROM
"cnfg 0": "rz0 RZ57" and "rz1 RZ57" are both there on SCSI bus 0... and
yes, i did run ./MAKEDEV rz0 (although all the devs were already there in
the miniroot)... 

Thus my question is: A. How do I fix/circumvent the "Device not
configured" or B. How do I install the NetBSD/pmax from the SunOS box (I
know there's an Ultrix "disklabel" source, but i couldn't get disklabel to
compile on victoria (SunOS 5.6))...

Thanx in advance,