Subject: Re: KN02-BA with PROM rev 5.7j will not netboot
To: None <>
From: Anton J. Gamel <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/14/1998 16:13:22

>As to the report that a KN02-BA with PROM rev 5.7j will not netboot, all
>I can say is that I had not one hint of a problem via "boot 3/tftp" to
>a reputable "helper" system (i.e. NetBSD/i386 based).
now, what are reputable helper systems?
I tried KN02-BA 5.7e with SS10/linux redhat. root path did not work
at all to overcome "no pathname". Then I switched to a HP9000/400
HP-UX 9.1 Release 1995. i.e. that bootpd was from the late '80s
and I had to install bootpd from Carnegie Mellon to use rp!!
I did the same settings as on the sun and here it worked.
The sources changed for HP are on my ftp server

Sincerely yours


Wondered that the benchmarks of the 5000/120 are really better than
of the HP9000/400 ... 

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