Subject: RE: C++ compiler wackyness.
To: '' <>
From: Harald Bjoroy <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/13/1998 02:12:58
I forgot to mention, compiling with c++ crashes also. Another thing is
that I believe I compiled my 1.3.2 kernel using my 1.3.1 installation,
not on 1.3.2 as I said in an earlier message.

I wanted to try to compile and link the test apps in two steps, then
check if it was possible to run it this way. Maybe if it is just one lib
or maybe the linker, then we need not rebuild everything.

The only problem is that I don't know how to do this. By using "g++ -c
<....>" and "ld <file>.o -lc ..." I couldn't link in __main() amongst

I couldn't figure it out using the man-pages, and I am much to tired to
figure it out any other way.

Also I would like to try to link the app statically, to see if that
would help. Same problem; I couldn't figure out how (without explicitly
using ld, which I cant figure out...).

It is now 2 AM here, so I am crawling to bed. Good night...


> The "libtermcap" problem occurs if you invoke the g++ compiler, not
> c++.
> ls -i /usr/bin/?++ gives:
> 943 /usr/bin/c++ 943 /usr/bin/g++
> So it is the same compiler in different modes.
> Harald.
> > Isn't some of the groff stuff c++?  The files end in .cc and the
> > contents look sortof funny ;)
> > 
> > I've got a reasonable -current-ish system.  Given that I've never
> ever
> > even really looked at a c++ program let alone written one, can you
> > send
> > me your little test program and I'll try it out on this machine.
> > 
> > Simon.