Subject: RE: C++ compiler wackyness.
To: '' <>
From: Harald Bjoroy <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/13/1998 01:03:00
The "libtermcap" problem occurs if you invoke the g++ compiler, not c++.

ls -i /usr/bin/?++ gives:

943 /usr/bin/c++ 943 /usr/bin/g++

So it is the same compiler in different modes.


> Isn't some of the groff stuff c++?  The files end in .cc and the
> contents look sortof funny ;)
> I've got a reasonable -current-ish system.  Given that I've never ever
> even really looked at a c++ program let alone written one, can you
> send
> me your little test program and I'll try it out on this machine.
> Simon.