Subject: Re: C++ compiler wackyness.
To: Harald Bjoroy <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/13/1998 08:29:06
On Thu, 13 Aug 1998 00:19:05 +0200  Harald Bjoroy wrote:

> You are quite right!
> I tried a very small test app "mytest.cpp", which defined a class, then
> used it.
> Straight to segmentation fault.
> This test is so small that it can't contain errors, also it builds &
> runs immidiately on my i486.
> Maybe the compiler must be rebuilt? It would seem like the ++ libraries
> are bad?
> Would a newer compiler build? (are the compilers implemented without the
> use of c++?)
> The kernelbuild use no cpp, and that must also be true for the other
> packages leading up to compiling moc too. Moc is using c++.
> I'll stay tuned!

Isn't some of the groff stuff c++?  The files end in .cc and the
contents look sortof funny ;)

I've got a reasonable -current-ish system.  Given that I've never ever
even really looked at a c++ program let alone written one, can you send
me your little test program and I'll try it out on this machine.