Subject: Re: Slightly off topic
To: Eric Corwin <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/12/1998 20:35:24
On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Eric Corwin wrote:

> I wasn't sure who else to ask.  Does anyone know if it is possible to
> use a linux computer as the serial console to a DECstation 5000/120?

Sure...  I use a linux-x86 machine with minicom as a console to my
5000/240, and my 2100s.

> I have a vt320 set up now but I need to return it soon and I was
> wondering if I could just run a serial cable and null modem to my linux
> box and have it act as a serial console. 

Yup.  Why haven't you tried it yet?  :)

> If anyone has any pointers to faqs/howtos/programs that do/describe this
> it would be much appreciated. 

Setting a serial console to a DECStation should be in the FAQ... it
certainly comes up enough.  I'm sure you could search through the archives
and find the specifics...

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