Subject: RE: C++ compiler wackyness. - hack
To: None <>
From: mjbedy <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/12/1998 22:44:12
  Ok, here's my hack to get c++ to work (your gonna love it).

  First, though, I have to say that this could screw something up - I
don't know if it will mess things up if you're linking a shared library or
not. (if someone could try it and let me know, I'd appreciate it.)

  Now for the hack:

  1) create a file, fix.C, that contains nothing but the fix:
  * Workaround an ld shared library bug:  define these dummy entries to
  * satisify __do_global_ctors() instead of the entries in 
        int *__CTOR_LIST__[] = {0};
        int *__DTOR_LIST__[] = {0,0};

  2) compile it like so:
    c++ -c fix.C

  3) this will create fix.o copy it to usr/bin

    cp fix.o /usr/bin

  4) now cd into /usr/bin

    cd /usr/bin

  5) move ld to ld.exe

    mv ld ld.exe

  6) create a new ld script:

#! /bin/csh -f
/usr/bin/ld.exe /usr/bin/fix.o $*

  7) chmod a+r+x ld

  When it breaks something, let me know. (It works for simple programs,
and doesn't seem to adversly effect gcc, but it certainy doesn't mean it
won't break something else.)

    - Mike