Subject: REPOST: DECstation 3100 for sale (fwd)
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/09/1998 20:32:01
Spotted on the local newsfeed...  he was originally asking $150 for it.
I'd buy it myself, but I already have two 2100s and two 5000s [1],
and if I bought this machine, my girlfriend would probably kill me.

[1] I'm actually open to suggestions on what to use the extra machines
    for.  I guess the open question would be: "What do you use your
    (headless) DECStations for?"

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From: (Beau Bozarth)
Subject: REPOST: DECstation 3100 for sale
Date: 9 Aug 1998 19:06:55 GMT
Organization: Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
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I'm reposting this as the person who told me they wanted
it failed to show up twice.

I have an old DECstation 3100 I'd like to get rid of. I bought
it last spring to use as a network server, then decided to fix
my Sparcstation instead. The system booted fine the last time
I tried. I don't know much about it, it's just sat in my garage
for the last 4 months.

16m Memory

200meg hard drive (RZ25)
100meg hard drive (RZ24)

20" color monitor
Keyboard, mouse, etc.
Ultrix (4.3) loaded

Works fine, just don't need it.

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