Subject: Re: New drive for DS2100?
To: Sune Stjerneby <>
From: CyberPeasant <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/08/1998 13:44:56
Sune Stjerneby wrote:
> Hi, 
> Having just picked up a diskless DECstation 2100, I'd like to add
> a local drive (even though it works flawlessly in netboot, it some-
> times needs to boot standalone).
> What type(s) of drives will the machine and NetBSD/pmax accept/not accept?
> /etc/disktab lists mostly DEC RZ* drives plus a few third-party ones,
> but could you install any Joe SCSI-drive and label/newfs it?

Yeah, most of them work if they're SCSI-II (fifty pins). I've
had a 4.3GB Seagate on a 3100, an old 5.25" Full Height 1GB (make unknown),
random old 250MB's etc.

Alas, the console magical diagnostics work only on DEC brand drives
as far as I can tell. (They have some magic in their firmware, evidently).

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