Subject: Re: Busted stdc++ libraries in 1.3 pmax release [was: Re: G++ Problems...]
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Bill Harris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/16/1998 10:07:49
Jonathan Stone wrote:

> Okay.  Rebuilding the 1.3 source with the 1.3 g++ compiler binary
> fixes Adam Fritzler's problem: undefined refrences to a stdiobuf and
> apparently-unresolved references to libtermcap.
> This was introduced, PRed and fixed fairly late in the 1.3 release
> cycle, and it looks like what with breaking my arm, i managed not to
> rebuild the pmax libraries _AND_ somehow to not notice.
> I'm reluctant to replace and re-release the 1.3 "comp" set; I don't
> even know if that's the correct thing to do, release-wise.  What would
> you -- esp. those of you considering burning CD-roms -- prefer?

Doesn't matter to me Jonathan.  I just downloaded all the tarballs last
week and rebuilt my scsi cabinet last night so I'll be able to burn off of 500
drive.  If you decide to put them up, let me know and I'll pull them down
again before I go make coasters.

I'm going today to pick up some blanks and was going to try and burn some
CD's this week.  I did some tests last night, and using all the 1.3 tarballs,
gnusrc syssrc and the standard package, I filled this 500 meg drive with them
unpacked.  Is there any benefit to having the all/some of the tarballs unpacked?

My plans where to build a standard install, including kernel source and then
lease all the tarballs in one place.  Any suggestions on what would be the most