Subject: Re: Problems configuring SCSI disks
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/11/1998 16:11:27
[supporting six or seven disk drives on one pmax scsi adaptor]

>You need to play with the magic in sys/arch/pmax/pmax/conf-glue.c and
>sys/arch/pmax/conf/scsi.pmax due to the funny SCSI configuration method
>athat the PMAX uses.  I've got a machine with 7 disks on the internal bus
>without any problems.  I'll send a patch when I get to work.
>Jonathan - I've been running with this for a couple of weeks now, should
>I check it in and submit a pullup request?

Fine with me, as long as it doesnt break tape drives.  I think 1.3
also has glue entries for a second TC SCSI card; if so, maybe we
should change both SCSI buses?

In retrospect the correct thing would be to do a `proper' new
autoconfig match and attach routines -- preferably for 1.3 :).  The
hp300 port does that with old 4.4bsd scsi code similar to the pmax
scsi and rz.c drivers; we could probably copy that.  But it's always
seemed as if the MI scsi code is `just around the corner' and so a
proper autoconfig fix for the old code never quite seemed important