Subject: Re: Compile problems
To: mjbedy <>
From: Christopher Preston <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/05/1998 10:48:40
mjbedy wrote:
> I have sup'ed to newest sources (ksrc-common, and ksrc-pmax) for a couple
> weeks now and every time I try to compile a kernal, it stops at files
> scc.c with the error   ioasic_cd is undefined (line 441 I believe)

I had this problem also. I found where ioasic_cd was defined, and
included this
in scc.c

#include "ioasic.h" if it was called ioasic.h of course.
BUT - when it did compile, things didn't work very well. a 'dmesg'
in an error something like can't find device at address 0/0 or something
(this is from memory). Other problem, like ps not working (I think).
give more details from here.


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