Subject: sysinst death
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Terry R. Friedrichsen <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 12/04/1997 11:32:10
OK, thanks to Yiorgos, my upgrade install from the latest diskimage gets
into sysinst now.

Yet another NOTES installation procedure change:  the root file system
needs to be remounted to make it writeable before running sysinst.

Instead of using the megabytes units when partitioning, which encounters
apparent roundoff errors, I decided to try "cylinders" for variety.

(In actual truth, I wish there was a way to tell sysinst to just use the
partitioning that's already on the disk.  OTOH, when sysinst is running
solidly, you won't have to go through the partitioning stuff more than
once, so maybe it's OK this way.)

Suggestion:  when selecting "cylinders" as the parititioning unit, sysinst
should tell you how big it thinks a cylinder is, in megabytes (and sectors).

After setting up my partitioning and telling sysinst it was OK, sysinst
prompted for the name of my disk.  I gave it a nice name, and then got
the errors

	cp: /etc/disktab: Read-only file system

	(as an aside, my newline didn't get echoed, so the "cp" in this
	 error message immediately followed my entered disk name on the
	 same line.)


	Could not open /etc/disktab

followed by sysinst exiting to a root prompt.  (The second error is not
terminated by a newline, BTW, so the root prompt appears immediately
after the word "disktab".)

To cure this, the root filesystem needs to be remounted to make it write-
able before running sysinst, as noted above.

Now to try to install from locally-available filesets ...

Terry R. Friedrichsen