Subject: Re: DECstation 3100 fans too loud...
To: Kevin M. Lahey <>
From: Alexandre Lamotte <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 11/11/1997 08:40:47
Kevin M. Lahey wrote:
> [My apologies in advance for asking a hardware question on a
> software list, but I figured that this was a pretty good
> place to find other folks with my variety of retro-hardware,
> and possibly with the same problems.]
> My DECstation 3100 fans are amazingly loud.  It wasn't
> always this way, but in the last few months it has gotten
> really bad.  I tried taking out the power supply and vacuuming
> it out, I even gave it a bath, and nothing helps.  I'd just pop
> out the fans and put in new ones, but the fans appear to be
> riveted in.
> Any suggestions?  The fans are currently loud enough that
> I don't really want to leave the box on -- the noise is
> annoying even in the next room.  Please tell me that I
> can save it, somehow, as it has been a pretty fun box so far...
> Thanks,
> Kevin

    Hi Kevin,

    Start checking some simple things like : 
- Is the fan near something ?
When the fan is bad installed and is very close to something is commun
to produce some noise. 

- Isn't the new fan bad too ? Try change It again with new one.

- Is the enviroment too hot ? Some DEC machines have the fan speed 
controlled by temperature sensors, I'm realy not sure if Decstation is,
if the enviroment is too hot, the speed could be faster enough to
produce noise.

- Contact DEC to substitute your power supply.

     Good luck.

   Alexandre Lamotte - Digital Equipment Corp / Brazil